Wednesday Wardrobe #8 – Purple Pattern Dress

8 Purple Patterned DressEach fortnight for the six months until the end of 2013, I will be ‘modelling’ a small fashion show for my ‘Wednesday Wardrobe Series.’ Through this series I hope to show you that good quality clothes can be found in second-hand stores at a fair and reasonable price with the added bonus of proceeds going to good causes.
You get clothes, save the environment and give to charity all at the same time. It’s win,win,win!

Purple Patterned Dress
– $9.99 at Savers

You know how you have those items that after a while you start to go, ‘C’mon Bernie, let’s try something a bit different. I know you love it, I know it’s comfortable but you’ve worn it at every opportunity for several weeks now.’ This is that item for me. I think it will fall to pieces on me before I let it go.

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